Pet Owners Testimonials

“Do you know how sad it is when your dog stands at the bottom of the stairs, wanting so much to come up to be with the family, but can’t make the climb without help. Ellevet gave Archer that help.”


“We thought we were going to have to start evaluating my dog’s quality of life this past Spring, as his mobility was rapidly declining. After starting him on Ellevet, he’s been able to relax & get around much easier. Thank you for helping me make things easier for my best friend!!”


“Besides this fantastic safety study, I can add anecdotal evidence observed by me that my 13.5 yr old rescue hound has markedly improved in her ease of mobility, her mood is more affectionate, and she’s much more interested in the things around her. She’s been on ElleVet CBD, what a difference! It’s so heartening to see her so happy and more comfortable!”


“The Ellevet mobility chews continue to make great improvement in our 15 year old Golden… she is actually jogging down her ramp from the dog door. Just amazing to see her doing so much better. Love these chews!”


“Mollie has been on Ellevet for over a year now. Has gone from barely being able to get up after a run is now a very spry 10 year old lab.”