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LifePoints is an online survey site and community of like-minded people who want to share their views and opinions to earn rewards and influence future decisions made by the big brands we know and see every day.

LifePoints was created by Lightspeed, a global research and analysis firm and Lightspeed. It serves as a hub for market research and gives consumers the opportunity to influence the future of products and services by sharing their opinions.

It works like this:

  • Company X wants to know something about consumer preferences

  • They hire Lightspeed to design a survey and collect and analyze the data

  • The survey is rolled out to LifePoints members who fit the target audience

  • Members who qualify for and complete the survey earn LifePoints

  • Members redeem their LifePoints for gift cards, PayPal credit, or charitable donation

Reward rates vary by survey; some might pay 60 LifePoints while others pay 350.

It’s also the place to go for those who want to collect rewards for living their lives. Every time you go shopping, to the movies, or simply enjoy a new local service, you can collect LifePoints by sharing your views and opinions about these products, services and experiences.

They have paid out over $22 million to their members to date.

So, how much are LifePoints worth? It depends how you redeem them…but somewhere between 8.3 and 9.09 cents each. In simpler terms, you can redeem 550 LifePoints for a $5 gift card.

LifePoints expire 3 years after you earn them, or after 12 months of no account activity. So, if you take a hiatus from LifePoints, make sure you cash in your points before 12 months elapse.


Yes, LifePoints is a legitimate online rewards platform for anyone over the age of 14. If you successfully complete surveys, you’ll get the promised points. And once you’ve accumulated enough points, the rewards are real.


Join to Get Free Points

New members of LifePoints Panel will enjoy 10 free points automatically credited to their accounts.

Great Rewards Options

In order to request a reward, you must have a minimum of 550 LifePoints ($5) in your account. Once you've reached this balance, you can spend your LifePoints on two main reward options: gift cards and PayPal payments (note that rewards may vary across countries).

The gift e-cards offered are available to major retailers such as eBay, Amazon, Starbucks, and more. Feeling generous? No problem. You may also donate your LifePoints to charities such as Unicef.


As a LifePoints member, you can contribute your views and opinions by completing online surveys covering various aspects of your daily life. Other activities such as mini-polls, product testing and other types of data collection are also opportunities to collect LifePoints and spend them on exceptional rewards.

Survey invitations are sent out by email and can be taken any time during the survey period. Members don’t need any special skills to complete the activities within LifePoints. If you can contribute your thoughts and fill out the online survey, then you’re ready to go!

Survey Lengths and Point Amounts

Survey lengths vary, however most surveys will take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Compensation awarded for surveys varies, and depends upon the length of the survey, as well as the client's urgency for survey takers to complete it. The more urgent the assignment, the better rewards it will offer.

Points for Disqualifications

If you start a survey but don’t get to finish it, LifePoints rewards you with a small number of points as recognition for your efforts. Points amounts may be 2 or 3 points at a time, but does help reach cashout levels sooner. You may earn up to 10 extra LifePoints a day this way, which means you get to spend your LifePoints sooner!


You’ll earn 10 LifePoints for registering and validating your email address and another 10 for answering a few questions about your household to match you to survey opportunities.


From time to time, LifePoints may mail members products to test at home and subsequently review. This can be a fun way to get hands-on experience with a new product while earning rewards.


LifePoints may email members behavior diaries, asking them to keep track of how often they do certain things. This info is used to inform product or service development.

For example, during a survey, I was offered 1,000 LifePoints to record all transactions made with a credit card for a month.


Backed By a Reliable Research Company - LifePoints is run by Lightspeed, ranked as the world’s largest provider of custom research and analysis, operating across 70 countries. The company conducted its very first research study in…1946! So, it’s safe to say that LifePoints is a strong brand backed by a well-established and reliable research company.

Pluses - Today, LifePoints is a community of over 5,000,000 members from all over the world, with over 1.5 million Facebook fans.

LifePoints social media community enjoys the possibility of participating in competitions, special prizes, and giveaways on top of their survey-related activities. Every month, LifePoints rewards its members on social media with prizes such as PlayStation 4, Apple Watch, Xbox, Amazon voucher, Amazon Echo & Alexa devices, Smart TVs, and more.

Global Eligibility - LifePoints is open to those 14 years of age and older who are from one of dozens of countries worldwide. LifePoints is available in at least 26 languages.


But what about your earning potential? Will LifePoints be worth your time and effort?

This is where your perspective matters. LifePoints can’t provide a living wage. It can provide extra money.

You could earn an extra $100 a month, for example. This could pay your smartphone bill or for a couple of nice restaurant meals.

To earn this much extra money you’d probably need to spend a couple of hours a day on the site. If you have a couple of extra hours a day, this is an easy way to turn that time into money.


You Know How Long the Surveys Take and How Much You’ll Earn – Survey topics aren’t revealed beforehand but the estimated time to complete and the rewards rate are. This is important because you know going in how much of a time commitment you’re making and what the payoff will be. If you only have a few minutes to spare, you can zero in on the 5-minute surveys while leaving the 30-minute biggies for another time.

Earn Rewards Fast – I like that you can cash in your LifePoints for a gift card with as little as 550 points. Realistically, you could earn that within the first week.

Flexible Redemption Options – When it comes time to cash in your LifePoints, you can choose between several popular gift cards (Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, and more), a PayPal credit, or a charitable donation. This variety means there’s something for everyone.

Opportunity to Influence Product and Service Development – This may not be important to you, but some people like the idea of helping inform product and service development.


It Might be Hard to Qualify – The purpose of the surveys is to support market research, and sometimes the companies hosting them are looking for input from a specific group of people. The first few questions typically assess whether you belong to that group. If you don’t, you get screened out and don’t get the LifePoints. If this happens several times in a row, it can get frustrating.

I attempted a bunch of surveys and only qualified for two out of the lot. In one case, I was screened out after spending about five minutes answering questions—that’s annoying! The good news is, you usually get two LifePoints just for trying, although this isn’t always the case.

Limited Ways to Earn – Some other paid survey sites, like SwagBucks, offer a ton of ways to earn points. So, if surveys aren’t your thing, you can still earn rewards for shopping online, watching videos, etc. This isn’t the case with LifePoints. It’s mainly surveys with the occasional opportunity for product testing or behavior tracking.

It Takes Awhile to Receive Rewards – Although you can earn enough points to get a reward pretty fast, it takes up to 10 business days to receive gift cards or PayPal credit once you redeem.

No Mobile App – It seems LifePoints used to have a mobile app, but it has since been discontinued in favor of the website. That’s unfortunate because many people prefer using an app to launching a webpage on their mobile phone. Here’s the good news: LifePoints surveys are optimized for mobile phones; I didn’t experience any issues taking surveys on my iPhone 8.