Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust my pillow?

1. Open the zipper on outer cover.

2. Open the zipper on inner liner.

3. Add or remove fill to desired level.

4. Close zipper and fluff pillow to redistribute the fill prior to use.

We’ve included a branded Zoey Sleep drawstring bag for you to store additional foam you’ve removed incase you’d like to add it back in later.

How soft are your pillows?

Our pillows are all adjustable and come with shredded memory foam. This means you can adjust them to your liking. Too soft, add more fill. Too hard remove some fill. Customize the pillow to match your needs and wants.

What size is the Zoey Curve Pillow?

The Curve Pillow in Queen size is 19in x 29in. The Curve Pillow in King size is 19 inches x 35 inches.

Additionally, most Queen or King size pillow cover will fit a Zoey Curve Pillow.

What is the warranty on Zoey products?

Zoey Sleep offers a 100 Night Trial and a 5 Year limited warranty.