“I had lost weight.”

“I had lost weight.... my wife was so blown away with my results she has now started taking it. In first 2 weeks she dropped approx 10-12 lbs! I think that this has got to be the key ingredient for supercharged health and weight loss!”

- Ricky

“I have gone down a size in my clothes.”

“I used to take nano-naps several times throughout the day. Now I definitely have more energy, I am eating less and have gone down a size in my clothes.”

- Lee P.

“I am not as hungry as in the past”

“I actually have more energy and am not as hungry as in the past. I am way more active and I have lost 9 lbs without any real change in my eating habits...”

- Molly Wells

“I'm losing belly fat.”

“In the 1st couple of days I noticed my appetite had decreased and I became full quicker. My skin is beginning to look a bit younger.”

“I'm losing belly fat. I lost six pounds in 2 weeks. I feel stronger and have better energy.”

- Johnna

“I’m down one size and ready to drop another.”

“I was desperate to lose weight. I started Ultra Omega Burn and took it faithfully every morning. After 2 months, I felt different.

I was reluctant to get on the scale...but finally decided to weigh myself.

I got on the blessed thing, looked at it...shook it...got back on and WOW! 14 pounds were GONE! I am frankly, shocked!

I am continuing to see a change in my body and it’s amazing. I’m down one size and ready to drop another.

I have energy, flexibility, an overall sense of well being and I feel great and am doing activities that I haven’t done in years. The weight is melting away. It’s amazing!

I am so thrilled with this product and plan on taking it for as long as you provide it!”

- Karen Sue

“I dropped a clothing size without really trying.”

“I have been using Ultra Omega Burn for 3 months and here are some of the things I noticed:

1. For the first time in my life I have a flat stomach!

2. Fewer sugar cravings

3. Better, more consistent meals

4. Exercise is showing better, faster results

5. Areas of my body that were difficult to improve are slowly becoming slimmer and stronger

6. I sleep better, too!

I dropped a clothing size without really trying and my husband has been complimenting my butt.

It sounds so corny but UOB is literally melting away the stubborn fat that I have not been able to exercise away!

It’s almost as if I have found something that has been missing in my chemical make up and I am now complete.”

- Lynne Christopher

“I’m able to focus, my energy is better, I’m more active, my mood is fantastic.”

“As a post-menopausal woman who had five children it became almost impossible to lose weight or feel healthy. Well, Ultra Omega Burn changed my life!

I’m able to focus, my energy is better, I’m more active, my mood is fantastic and I’m finally losing the weight that I desperately needed to lose!!!

When I stepped on to the scale and noticed my weight loss I was in shock! I lost 30lbs...

It doesn’t have any bad side effects and it actually works.

No joke—I can’t live without it. Thank you!”

- Tracy Denniston

“All the tiredness in the daytime has gone.”

“For 2 years I searched for something to give me energy, to get back to feeling as good as I did for my first 70 years. Then I came across Ultra Omega Burn.

Just a few days after taking it, all the tiredness in the daytime has gone. I feel back to how I felt before my 2 Tired Years!

It has made a noticeable physical difference to my energy levels and It also makes me feel younger.

Two different people asked me my age and when I told them 73, they said, ‘no way, you look more like 50!’

I feel stronger, not tired. I can walk around feeling great every day. Ultra Omega Burn has solved my problem. I am very grateful!”

- Andrew V.

“I lost 7 kilos in less than a month”

“After one week I started to feel better and lose weight. I lost 7 kilos in less than a month and my blood pressure is better than before.

Other stuff I tried was worthless. This is awesome! It works!

- Yaniv

“My energy increased and my appetite decreased.”

“I have only been using the product about two weeks so far, but the results seem promising.

My energy increased and my appetite decreased.

I have a decreasing desire for food, especially sugar. My daughter offered me a sweet treat and I was able to say no and had no strong desire for the treat. Previously, I would have pounced on any sugary treat.”

-Ali Y.